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Amorn Electronic
3.7 out of 5 based on 14 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Amorn Electronic is located at the basement of Big C Supercentre Phuket. After going down the escalator, turn right and continue walking and you will find this shop at the end of the basement.

There are a wide range of electronic equipment, electronic spare parts, PC components and accessories, miscellaneous items as well as DIY and plumbing supplies.

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  1. This shop looks normal from outside but when we got inside, wow they don’t have only electronic stuff as their name, instead there are a variety of things. Some special imported items are very interesting plus their rates were better than in other big stores. I love to shop for some car accessories, gardening tools and electric parts here. They should change their name to something else like miscellaneous store probably. Something you could not find from other shops, let’s try to find it here.

  2. Bought HDMI and RG-6 cable in reasonable price. Staffs are professional and helpful. Surprise that they have a wide range of spare parts. They also have computer parts, electric scooter and ATVs.

  3. I found Amorn on this website while looking for somewhere to repair my old Samsung monitor that started smoking from the back and then died. Communication was a bit difficult but they agreed to take a look at it and said they would call in about a week. I got a call just a few days later to say it had been fixed, and for practically nothing – just a few hundred baht! Very impressed with their service.

  4. My TV remote control was broken, so my friend recommend me to come here. Wow! it is a one stop shop for IT and electronic stuff. I got a new remote with very reasonable price. Very happy to know this shop and of course I will come back.

  5. Disappointed to discover their service department only fixes TV’s now – used to repair all manner of domestic electronic appliances. Still, the shop is a treasure trove of parts and cheap Chinese imports!

  6. Amorn Electronic to be a one stop miscellaneous shop for my family. I love this shop because there is a variety of electronic equipment, especially IT accessories.Prices are cheaper than another shop too.

  7. I was surprised that Amorn has what Big C doesn’t sell. I mean Big C started to force consumers like us to buy only their own brand stuff even plumbing supplies or toilet hose. I decided to come here and I could choose from more than 1 brands items, no Big C brand products.

  8. I bought many electronic parts at this shop and I really like them as they have a full range of electronic equipment. If you could not find any electrical parts from anywhere else then this shop may help as I can find everything I wanted.

  9. I bought a TV remote control & CD player here. They sell a full range of electronics stuffs, good service, friendly & helpful staff. I walked around to check the prices. It’s not expensive as I thought.

  10. I looked for a good quality cord and its jacks for my satellite receiver. Amorn shop had what I was looking for. I was also surprised that they sell miscellaneous things even kitchen wares, found on the same shelf as other tools. It did look mixed up but easy to spot things we want. Just their service wise, I would be a lot better if their staff could come to clients with smily face!

  11. Amorn Electronic seems likely to be a one stop miscellaneous shop I think. They sell more than electronic items like some uniquely designed kitchen ware, gardening stuff and even ATV!, not only that necessary plumbing supplies are also available. Not too sure what we should define their shop title. Whatever, this is one of my favourite shop which helps me with many rare things.

  12. In the basement of Big C in Phuket Town they have all sorts of items, lots of audio spares, tools and home appliance parts. I thought not expensive. I had no trouble buying a new remote air con controller unit

  13. On the groundfloor of Big C Super Centre. I like this shop because there is a variety of electronic equipment, houseware, games & toys especially IT accessories.

  14. For a relatively small shop compared to other electrical/DIY chainstores on the island, I am always impressed by what I can find here. Prices are often cheaper than elsewhere too and staff are generally friendly and knowledgeable.

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