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Swensen's Ice-Cream @Tesco Lotus Phuket

Phuket Town
8 reviews

Iberry Homemade Ice Cream

Phuket Town
6 reviews

Phuket Samkong Ice Cream

Phuket Town
4 reviews

0 reviews
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Phuket Samkong Ice Cream

Iberry Homemade Ice Cream

Swensen's Ice-Cream @Tesco Lotus Phuket

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Mike Lewis

Review of Phuket Samkong Ice Cream

The fried ice cream at Samkong is brilliant, the outer shell is thick, like a fried cake. The shop has small tables to sit outside but most of the customers were picking up orders to take home. Highly recommended.


Review of Swensen’s Ice-Cream @Tesco Lotus Phuket

It was a busy day last weekend but they still did good. There was no seat when I arrived, need to wait about 15 mins but that is ok. Many choice of flavors and toppings. Surprise that they have brownie and float ice cream. Love their chocolate dipping. Everything is good but too narrow. Especially on Vday 😉


Review of Iberry Homemade Ice Cream

Love this ice cream brand because they use real fruit and I can feel it. My favourite is santol favour, but it always out of stock if I come late. SUGGEST, they should have more this favour.


Review of Swensen’s Ice-Cream @Tesco Lotus Phuket

I often go this place with my friends, great ice cream and not expensive. I prefer to order the birthday set because they will take a photo for us. So pretty and love it.

A wide range of chain and independent ice cream shops can be found around Phuket. Local chains include Swensen’s and Été, while you can also find Häagen-Dazs and Dairy Queen in and around the island’s shopping malls. You can also find authentic homemade gelato in the popular resort towns such as Patong, while for a more local flavour why not try deep fried ice-cream.

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