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Iberry Ice Cream at Central Festival Phuket
3.4 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Iberry Ice Cream at Central Festival Phuket provides a wide variety natural tastes ice cream.

There are over 100 tastes of ice cream especially fruit tastes which seasonally rotate all year round.

Smoothberry, coffee, tea and bakery are additional items you can enjoy here.

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  1. Real taste from real fruit ice cream. I loved almost all of their ice cream flavours especially the fruit ones. My favourites were guava and salted plum and kiwi and strawberry. I could not find something like this in other parlours. What I didn’t like about this was their location along a busy balcony where you can never have your privacy during your wonderful ice cream moment.

  2. Love this ice cream brand because they use real fruit and I can feel it. My favourite is santol favour, but it always out of stock if I come late. SUGGEST, they should have more this favour.

  3. I am ice cream lover ^0^ when I go to Cental Festival Phuket I have to go the 2nd floor to buy ice cream from iberry shop. I like the taste because they made from natural materiel. I prefer Coconut and Sentul that is my favorite.

  4. We loved the coconut ice cream, nice to stuff our faces will resting in some low chairs. The ice cream was not that creamy, but was fruity and refresh tasting, and cheap, scopes were small for us Brits.

  5. My gang’s favorite ice cream flavour here is santol…it’s a real taste! We mostly drop here and have it when we come to central. One more thing that I like Iberry shop is… there are some table and sofa that we can chill out, eating ice cream after shopping or waiting for movie time. But…I suggest they should have more stock of santol ice cream because it always finished if we come in the afternoon!

  6. This is the Thai brand ice cream shop. You can find this shop around the prime location around Thailand. I had them in Siam, Bangkok and in Central Festival, Phuket.I just love how they can come up with the unique fruit taste. I had the tamarind and it was good. Most of their Sorbet are made from the tropical Thai Fruit. You must tried.

  7. I like their ice cream a lot. I can feel the real taste of whatever fruit or tea they mentioned on the ice cream label. My favourite are mango yogurt, kiwi and strawberry sorbet, green tea and jack fruit sorbet. Some ice cream flavours have to wait for the season of that fruit, good with their seasonal rotation. Thumbs up for their truly signature ice cream.

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