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Villa Market @Home Pro Village
3.5 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
Chalong, South Phuket

A paradise of expats and locals who are looking for good quality and imported products, Villa Martket at Home Pro Village is known as the world of foods supermarket.

The store is sited in the Home Pro Village near Chalong circle. Every kind of fresh and frozen products especially international ones are provided and ready for your shopping.

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  1. Nous avons séjourné dans une villa à Rawai et sommes venus ici pour trouver des ingrédients pour cuire nos aliments halal. C’est dommage qu’il n’y a que de choix très limités surtout des produits frais. Toutefois, ici la quantité des produits secs ne sont pas mauvaise. Pas mal mais pas très bien.

  2. Visit here often because on the way back home. Many imported fresh fruits, wine and chocolate. Certainly over priced but still okay. Traffic jam in front of especially rush hours.

  3. Go there as the have a good selection of cheeses and cold meats. I always ending buying more than I planned here. Also good for breakfast cereals, canned items and frozen food. bakery is good but check for freshness and fresh produce is pricey and tends to go off quicky. Many food items are imported so prices are a little high, but not crazy considering stuff is imported, there are not many places like Villa Mart that sell Branston P1ickle. Staff at tills are friendly and always pack for me. Tip save money and apply for a members card

  4. I found it a good place for imported stuff which are sometimes difficult for me to find in other shops. Apart from that I usually go to other supermarkets which are within a radius of 1-2 km away. The only reason is about the prices.

  5. Yet another steak that was so aged it tasted more like old game. This has happened to me a lot, you would think I would learn and shop elsewhere. I have also had many a bottle of red wine that has gone off. Mainly the older (pre 2010) french wines which indicate evidence of poor handling during shipping and bad storing. I note that even more expensive wines are stored upright. At the prices that are charged for meat and wine, things should be better. Will be shopping elsewhere in future except for preserved food; hard to screw up Marmite after all……but as mentioned in this trail, watch out for expiry dates.

  6. Check expiry dates on everything you buy. I have paid plenty of money on items only to come home and realise they are expired or in some cases have already been open (seal is broken) etc, especially with almond milks. Although the selection is good, it’s certainly over priced which is ok, but running the risk of getting food poisoning or worse is a real concern for me… They need to manage their inventory better, selling cold cuts that are one month past their used by date is very scary for a consumer. I doubt I will keep shopping here in the future as I have been sick too many times from buying items in this store.

  7. I always stop here if I go to Chalong area. Recommended if you are looking for imported fresh fruits such as Kiwi, Cherry, Apple, etc. Oh, also some snacks which my kid always asking for!! Price is a bit high but I think reasonable. Staff is very helpful and they speak some English. However, I hardly ever go there now as traffic is getting worse!!

  8. I usually have to go to Phuket Town to find bakery supplies. I just found most of baking stuff can be bought here I mean the basic ones. I could get aluminium foil cake trays (various sizes), muffin pan, cake stand, items for cake decorating and a lot more. They have some major ingredients but not all… it’s still ok for me. Price is a bit higher (a little higher) but when compare if I have to get to Phuket town … this is still worth.

  9. Love this place when I don’t want to fight the crowds at Central. Some hard to find imported items. Nice staff too.

  10. I tend to always buy more than what i originally planned when shop here. They have a real good selection of expat items. I like their crusty breads, cheeses, olives, fresh veg, selections of coffees and wines. The staff at the check out pack my goodies and then I just have to wheel my trolley to my car in the car park. prices are not too bad considering most items are imported.

  11. Good place to stock up on imported meats and cheeses, plus other delights from “back home”. Better than Tops/Central Market Place imho and cheaper too. Just wish it wasn’t all the way down in Chalong.

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