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Pornthip Phuket
3.4 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Pornthip Phuket is known as a one-stop shopping spot for a massive number of dry souvenir food. All products are well packaged and ready for both domestic and international travels.

You can find a huge range of products from various recipes of dried seafood with herbal ingredients. Dry seafood with herbs becoming exotic foods which can be great souvenirs for your family or friends.

All ingredients are hygienically approved by Pornthip’s quality control, which meets GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards.

Some other products you may be also interested in consist of stirred-dry fruits, cashew nuts, flossy pork, crispy pork, Southern Thai style fish kidney curry and chili paste.

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  1. Very disappointed with this place. Lots of yummy food, very expensive, promised a discount, got to the counter, they contradicted and said no, free samples of something! So annoyed, left without buying anything.

  2. Was packed and noisy with Chinese tourists. We brought a lot of dried seafood as holiday gifts as light and small, easy to put in our suitcases and we thought our friends would enjoy trying dried squid and fish. A taxi driver brought us here, so knew we were paying tourist prices, but prices were ok and not rip off but i think could have got cheaper if we had shopped around, but easy and convenient for us here.

  3. Big place with many selection of Phuket souvenir and local foods. I enjoyed tasting their products..cashew nut with a lot of flavor!!, Phuketian snack, dry squid and many kind of dry shrimp paste..very yummy! I love it all. So I bought many for my friend in BKK. is very good that there are free packing services available.

  4. I took my parents to this shop for souvenir before they leave Phuket. They seem to be the best place in Phuket town on the way back to airport that easy to stop by and not many stores like this in Phuket. We saw they won an award or something, this can guarantee their quality. Our parents enjoyed shopping a variety of Thai style pastes, Phuket’s style local snack and some dry seafood.

  5. It should be pointed out they have two prices, Thai and farang prices. The farang price is double or more. Also it is suspicious how you get a number when you walk in… Commission for the driver who took you there I’m sure. Not sure why they think doing this is acceptable and I am sure it is illegal. I am sure you will find more scams the longer you stay there.

  6. I took my friends from Bangkok to buy local food like crispy fried tiny anchovy and spicy mixed dried shrimp & chili etc for their friends & relatives. The shop contains a huge local products but looks clean and tidy and their staff are very helpful. My friends were very happy shopping here and they asked me to take them for shopping here again next time.

  7. Went there last week to buy some souvenir for my family. There are many choices such as native sweets, cashew nuts sawn and processed pork products. I like the package of processed seafood product, it’s very lovely. To avoid congestion, there is a new branch at PTT gas station Lipon area (on the way to Phuket Airport)

  8. Went here on the way to the airport. I wanted to pick up some local nam prik to take back to BKK (my mum loves it) and was recommended this place by my taxi driver. Lots of yummy local snacks as well as other souvenirs to take back.

  9. Becoming my favorite shops when I want to buy some local food and souvenir. There are plenty of choice include cashew nut (my favorite ^^), coconut snack, local candies, etc. Staff are friendly and prices are reasonable. But avoid Sat-Sun as a lot of tour groups and buses!

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