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Ruen Thai Souvenirs & Handicrafts Phuket
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Laguna, North Phuket

Located in Canal Village in Laguna Ruen Thai offers visitors to Phuket an opportunity to take back with them authentic Thai handicrafts from all around the country. The wide selection of gifts and decorated items allows you the chance to make careful choices about the items you want to take home to remember your time in Phuket and as a gift for friends and loved ones

We have many unique items to choose from and one of our more beautiful range of items are the beautiful silver filigree belts from Northern Thailand. Just as beautiful but lower in price are coconut shell buttons in the shape of elephants, rattan purses, coasters, or photo albums made from rice paper – the perfect place to keep your photo memories of your trip to Phuket

We are very proud of our handcrafted 18/8 stainless steel cutlery. Our contemporary collection includes candle-holders, cutlery display stands, plates and napkin rings, everything for that perfect dinner party. We have four different patterns available in the shop but other designs can be ordered by catalogue and all at factory discount pricing.

It can often be a daunting task buying souvenirs to take back home but the relaxed atmosphere in our pleasant air-conditioned shop makes this both a fun and enjoyable time whether it is for a few minutes or a couple of hours.

Contact direct to Ms. Nuntawan Choojai (Kamin) to place an order or have repairs carries out and all with a guarantee to your satisfaction. The best shop in Laguna Phuket, Thailand.


Buddha Image


Elephant God Image


Silk Products


Stainless Spoon set


Pearl Necklace Set


Stone Jewellery Set


Siam Spoon Pattern


Rhinoceros Cutlery Display Stand


Cutlery Display Stands Collection


coconut shell buttons in the shape of elephant

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  1. Ruen Thai Handicraft at Canal Village in Laguna Phuket offers a wide range of authentic Thai handicrafts, ideal for gift items to take back home. Products vary from silver jewelry from Northern Thailand, coconut shell buttons, 18/8 stainless steel cutlery, rattan purses, photo albums made from rice paper and many more. With such an excellent selection of unique items you are sure to find the perfect gift or souvenir for your friends and family.

  2. I like their stone bracelets, very delicately made and it gave me a feel of uniqueness. I bought 2 of them for myself and one for my sister. I saw their stainless steel cutlery, really top quality and of course a lot heavier than the normal ones, but they look very nice. We will shop for this next time. The lady there is very helpful and friendly.

  3. Too lazy to go farther from the Laguna where we stayed and we stopped at the canal village 1 day before flying back to our country. Even though this village seemed sleepy overall, this air con souvenir shop was not too boring when getting inside. We met a lady called Kamin (the owner) who was friendly and informative. I bought some stainless steel products which were quite nifty and good quality. Their handmade ring ornaments are outstanding and I had a few of them.

  4. Nice souvenir shop, that has small items that were light and easy to pack. I purchased some silk cushion covers, cloth bags and some inspiring design necklaces and earrings. The shop was packed with loads of different items, which made it a little cluttered, but the staff were ok for me to look through and pick up things. The air con made it an enjoyable, cool shopping experience

  5. Enjoyed having a browse around and brought a few bead style necklace souvenirs. They had some nice wooden ornaments and nick nacks but they were slight to big for me to take back home in my luggage. Canal Village was ok but not busy and not a big ranges of shops

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