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3.5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

A sister store to Central Festival Phuket and located right opposite to each other, Phuket Homeworks is a one stop home accessory & construction store in Phuket Town.

Whether you are a constructor or a DIY lover, you can find what you want for your work here.

Kitchenware, gardening tools, bedding accessories, office stuff and bathroom accessories and many more are available for you to choose from.

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  1. Honestly, I use Homeworks store car park as my favourite parking when I want to go to Central. Central is often too busy and difficult to find a car park. Good that Homeworks has a quieter food court and supermarket on its ground floor where I can eat and buy stuff before leaving. I used to buy some house items upstairs but I’m not interested in it much, so cannot tell much about it.

  2. Even though there is a crazy traffic jam on the main road, not a problem for me. There is a good short cut at the back side of the mall. Just bought a new TV set here last month. The helpful and professional staff recommended me to choose a “smart TV” that can connect with internet. Finally I got 40″ Samsung TV with special promotion at 17,000 Baht, good deal!

  3. I have been here to buy a water tank but sadly it’s more expensive than other 2 shops I’ve been, so I changed my mind. However, I could still shop for other things at a good price like kitchen stuff and a dozen of bulbs instead. Very bad traffic from the main road but you can use their shortcut behind the homeworks, just follow their sign and you can get to Phuket Town more easily.

  4. I have been there to buy stuff for my home DIY job, plumbing, gardening and lighting. Homework staff mostly gathered at the section selling high price items. I believe this must have been homeworks’ policy which I could understand. It was very hard for me to find a staff to help me at electricity hardware and gardening areas. I found a lady, and she said she would call the person who looked after that zone, then disappeared for half an hour, then a man came to complete our request. I don’t need someone walking after me all the time when shopping but there should be someone keeps reviewing if customers need help… not just for high class ovens, mattresses or 200k baht jacuzzi. All in all, homeworks always have what I want, so this is my only reason to shop here.

  5. I just bought light bulb here last week. So helpful lady staff suggest me to select goods professionally. At HomeWorks I always buy everything about house like gas stove, housewares, electric items at a promotion price. Easy to find a lot of car park too.

  6. We can find nearly everything for our house at Homeworks, housewares, gardenware and kitchenware. I like their special promotion like 50% or more off the full price. We recently bought Franke stove and oven at a very good price. Be patient with the traffic!

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