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Kiatsin Stationery
3.3 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

This 2 storey Kiatsin Stationary shop is located in a small alley that is linked to the uphill road to Khao Rang Hill.

We have everything you may expect for your office, home, school and for you work.

Some of the items we offer include writing instruments, office supplies, file folders, glue, tape, paper, envelops, textbooks, art & craft materials, gifts, sport equipment, uniform, musical instrument and make to order stuff.

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  1. Recommended if you are looking for stationary, books, gift shop, school uniform for your kids or even yourself. There are many many thing to choose and much cheaper than super market.

  2. Quite large stationery shop. We can always find anything we want for our office and home sometimes. We ordered a few things in bigger lots and we got better price. Staff are always helpful and friendly. But their store is a bit hidden though, if I didn’t know them from my colleague, I would hardly get to know them indeed. Very suitable shop for office and school stuff.

  3. Kiatsin is one favorite shop of my niece and nephew. They always asking me to come here to buy toys and stationery. I am not surprise, there are all kind of stationery, books, gift shop, office & computer supplies, sport & music equipment, even school uniform and costume for party like Halloween or Fancy. Price is cheaper than other shop in shopping mall.

  4. Well known shop in Phuket. There is a variety of stationery with reasonable prices. My required stuff always be in short supply. I had to wait for a few day to get it. Walkway is quite narrow, unable to walk past each other. Limited parking lots, I had driven 3 rounds to look for a parking space.

  5. The best stationary shop in Phuket as the price is much lower when you comparing to B2S in Central festival. If you not looking much for a fancy product and a normal product that can do your craft, this is just fine.

  6. Not only it is a stationery, but also a gift shop. I got a lovely pinky Piglet bag for my daughter. Thanks “Ann”, a friendly and helpful staff who help me choose and wrap a present.

  7. Here is the must go shop for students. There are many kind of textbooks and stationary at reasonable prices. I often buy office supplies here since they have everything that we wanted. Located on the 2nd lane over the road up to Rang hill when we come from Muang Phuket District Office.

  8. Haven from a company, hotels or bunisess with mass order. They can supply everthing.

    But I agree with above. Could not recognize from the main road.

  9. Couldn’t notice from the main road, hidden in a small lane near the road up to Rang hill. I was told about this large stationary shop by a friend so I could find it. I think they are a very good one stop stationary shop in Phuket.

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