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Dr. Suthep Eye Clinic

3.3 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Dr. Suthep Eye Clinic comes with an expert eye doctor, optician and friendly staff.

The clinic is located just diagonally opposite Phuket District Office on Mae Luan Road in Phuket Town.

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  1. I always took my grandmother here. It quiet busy every time I come, but their service quite quick. I notice that my grandma pay same price at 500 Baht even just for eye drops! However, my grandma said the doctor is very good and here the best eyes clinic in Phuket

  2. Very difficult to find parking space for both motorcycle & car. But I was very lucky there was a space for 1 car at the front and we were the 1st queue. Doctor Suthep was very kind. He gave very good advice but we were quite surprised with payment of almost 4,000 baht for 1 week small tube eye drops & 1 sunglasses. OMG!!

  3. Local people know this clinic well. I am one of their regular customers at Dr.Suthep Eye Clinic. I had ever cured my eyes due to external hordeolum, he and his nurse took care of me very well. Quite expensive once compare with other clinics. Located near Beauty Land so not convenient to find parking space especially in rush hour in the evening. Good clinic for eyes.

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