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Gift & Golf Phuket Town

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Review of Gift & Golf Phuket Town

Very quiet there and it is not easy to see this shop from the road. We found it because we wandered around from our hotel Royal Phuket City to explore things. We didn’t expect to buy golf things but finally decided to buy several stuff of Ping, XXio and Adidas golfer shirts, the reason was that they offered special discount. I think this is the only golf shop in the area.


Review of Gift & Golf Phuket Town

We just wandered around our hotel Royal Phuket City, we found and entered this shop just for window shopping. We had to change our mind because they had many promotions and clearance sales. Adidas golfer shirt with 50% off attracted us, so we bought it and some more things all with special discount. Staff was friendly and I think this could be a one stop golf shop in town.


Review of Gift & Golf Phuket Town

Everything organized now. Some good deals on Ping clubs. This time just needed gloves and balls. Nice people.


Review of Gift & Golf Phuket Town

Found this shop just across the road from Royal Phuket City Hotel. It looks cramped inside just because there are too many products and seems unready. They said they had just moved stuff from their other branch so the shop was still untidy. Actually, I was looking for new clubs but felt uncomfortable to shop while they were not ready to sell…a bit sad but that’s ok I will be back.

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