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Super Sports @Robinson Ocean – Closed
2.7 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Sorry, Super Sports @Robinson Ocean is permanently closed.

Super Sports at Robinson Department Store in Phuket Town is located on the top floor of the department store.

You will find a reasonable number of sportswear and sport equipment & accessories at this shop.

To access this shopping area, you can use escalators or it is faster and more convenient via a glass elevator.

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  1. The products are less than Central Festival branch. I will go there only in sale season. I have got a few great deals on sports kicks and clothes, check it out

  2. I stayed near to Robinson mall many years ago and I came back to stay in town again lately just after spending holidays around the beaches. I found this on the top floor of the shopping mall, it was getting smaller, offering lesser choices and not worth going. I would go to Central festival for sport stuff, honestly.

  3. Professional & Kind staff, I’ve been here to look for good quality & reasonable price badminton racket. Got Yonex brand in my favorite color from their promotion counter. Wow! Would be more worth if I purchased during promotion period. I could not find racket grips & wristbands and a lady staff came to help me, she was very nice.

  4. On the top floor of Robinson Phuket, very small shop with a few items but good service. I’ve been here a few times for badminton racket re-string. Always has promotion or discount price especially sportswear and shoes.

  5. I’ve been here once, but not impressed! Very small and just a few products. What the previous review mentioned is totally right; nothing is interesting.

  6. They are located on the top floor of Robinson shopping center and were closed a while ago for renovation or something and now reopen. I thought they would have a lot more products after that but sadly nothing is interesting yet smaller amount of products. The one in Central Festival is a lot better!

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