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Super Cheap Co.,Ltd.
3.3 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

An enormous supermarket with a huge selection of consumer products, Super Cheap is conveniently located along Thepkasattri Road and less than 10 minutes drive from Phuket Town.

It is known as a real one stop mall for every type of shoppers who are looking for fresh and dry food, electric stuff, clothes, housewares and even car accessories and all products are claimed to come with cheaper price than others.

There is no air-con throughout the shopping areas except their cashier zone which is cooled by the air con.

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  1. So annoyed with food stalls right at the entrance of the supermarket. It almost covers all the entrance area and remains just a narrow walkway to enter the shopping area. I can understand that supercheap can make a lot more money from this but the layout of food stalls was not suitable for shoppers. Products and prices are still impressive.

  2. I always enjoy shopping here. You should come here early morning around 7 am if you would like to buy fresh food, seafood, fruit and vegetable..load of things, less busy and of course very cheap! I just found that there are mobile phone zone which has a lot of stuff like mobile/Ipad cases and covers, small talk, headphone, prices much cheaper than other shops. So, Supercheap is one of my favorite place for shopping.

  3. I love Supercheap but its not for everyone. I wouldn’t recommend it to any snobs and hisos, but if there’s something you just can’t find anywhere (of course we are talking local stuff), then there’s a good chance you can find it here. Although booze section is surprisingly well stocked with imported stuff. The new and improved store does carry fewer items but probably has less snakes!

  4. There are a variety of stuffs that are also cheaper than others department stores. There are too many people from local & nearby areas. It takes a very long queue to pay. Has a small prayer room hiding not far from the exit. Recommend going there early morning or evening because it’s very hot like being in sauna during the day.

  5. Just been here yesterday since it burnt down. It is much better than the old one. More clean, more tidy, but of course still cheap. I came here for fresh vegetable, it is a lot cheaper than market. Also pharmacy, there are plenty of medicine, cream, vitamin, etc. with very good price, I think it’s cheaper than outside shop about 5-10%.

  6. I went shopping here more often. Here has almost everything we need. I usually go to buy stationery here. More choice of fruits and snacks to choose, but better time to visit is early morning. When I’ve been Supercheap I always get many things out of my list. Very crowded, difficult to find car parking space but It’s still my favorite shopping place.

  7. OMG!!!…A new SuperCheap store headquarters has been informal re-open already after it burnt down in October last year. Also its many retail outlet stores can be found throughout Phuket. Good news for me and many people who enjoy shop supercheap consumer products, pharmacy, fresh market, construction equipment and many more….I never thought to write about ‘Super Cheap’ before although I am one of its regular cutomer.

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