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For thousands of years, civilizations have evolved using the essential building blocks of life: air, water and the nurturing ingredients found in natural foods of the earth. We believe these building blocks serve as the foundation for all things healthy and the source by which 99% of common health issues may be addressed.
Moving forward to the present day, Vollara is positioned as a global leader in natural health and eco-friendly technologies. Vollara is also home to one of the world’s most inspired home business opportunities. Our family of companies has a rich 85-year history dating back to Electrolux, USA, a company known for excellence in its technology, unmatched service, and endless accomplishments. Its products have been honored in the Smithsonian and its satisfied customers number over 50 million.
Our Core Values
1. Compassion – For us, business is about relationships. We truly care about people, and our commitment is apparent in everything we do—from charitable acts of kindness to a welcoming, people-oriented culture.
2- Grounded – Our company is strong, knowing, and dependable, with over 85 years of extraordinary accomplishments behind us. Our history is rich with solid, proven systems for even greater success.
3. Drive – We are committed to success. We drive ourselves with energy, agility, and force to create better lives for our customers and Independent Business Owners, and we act on our goals with relentless discipline and focus.
4. Inspiration – We are passionate about our work. We empower people to dream big dreams, to improve their lives, and to control their own destinies.
5. Stewardship – We are leaders and caregivers of the planet, of healthy lives, and of the hopes of our people. We take our responsibility seriously. We are dedicated to honoring the trust placed in us and to being good global citizens.


FreshAir Surround


FreshAir ToGo


LaundryPure 4G




Certified SPACE Technology


Active Air Purification

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  1. The professional leader in eco-friendly technology and natural health, Vollara has over 85 year history dated back to Electrolux USA, which become well known for unmatched services and accomplishments. Satisfying more than 50 million customers around the world, its products are such as Fresh Air Surround, Living Water, Fresh Air To Go and Laundry Pure. Vollara Team Phuket office is located in Ban Sabai Village near Phuket Villa 3 on Chaofa East Road.

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