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Review of Phuket Aquarium

When we heard Phuket, the pearl of the Andaman, this made me imagine that Phuket must have had a large and impressive aquarium in Asia at least. I was surprised that the aquarium of this Andaman island was so small. Well to be honest without that short glass tunnel this aquarium would become a very common one. Not too bad but my first expectation was something greater.


Review of Phuket Zoo

Everything is in one place which is not very large. Nothing special but our kids enjoyed elephant and crocodile shows. Comparing to what we got, we think the price here was a bit high. Would we go back? Not sure, unless they have something new.


Review of Phuket Aquarium

I live near Panwa Cape. Just a 5 minutes drive from my house. I often go to the aquarium with my family. My daughter (4 year old) loves to learn many kinds of marine animals at here. She likes X-rey fish, jelly fish and giant fish. I like glass tunnel that I can see big fishes swimming above my head, but it is too short. Car park is so good, easy to find space. Located close to Panwa beach that we can enjoy to see the beach after having a good time with marine life.


Review of Phuket Aquarium

I never been to other aquarium in Thailand so, I can not say this is better than any other around Thailand. Of cause, visiting the most famous island like Phuket, seeing the sea creature should be a must. Not so big but it is good to come. Too many thing to see and learn. But only 1 time should be enough.

There are two aquariums on the island open to visitors that provide an insight on the local marine life.

Several shops in Phuket cater to those wishing to purchase aquariums and supplies.

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