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Cape Panwa, South Phuket

Welcome to Phuket Aquarium

In Phuket Aquarium. They are aquatic beautiful rare and beautiful models showcasing the harmony with the environment and the well-being of the animals they most like sandy beach, rocky reefs, mangrove forests and mangroves. it comprises the Phuket Aquarium is split into two parts: the expression of freshwater aquatic plants and marine animals.

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  1. When we heard Phuket, the pearl of the Andaman, this made me imagine that Phuket must have had a large and impressive aquarium in Asia at least. I was surprised that the aquarium of this Andaman island was so small. Well to be honest without that short glass tunnel this aquarium would become a very common one. Not too bad but my first expectation was something greater.

  2. I live near Panwa Cape. Just a 5 minutes drive from my house. I often go to the aquarium with my family. My daughter (4 year old) loves to learn many kinds of marine animals at here. She likes X-rey fish, jelly fish and giant fish. I like glass tunnel that I can see big fishes swimming above my head, but it is too short. Car park is so good, easy to find space. Located close to Panwa beach that we can enjoy to see the beach after having a good time with marine life.

  3. I never been to other aquarium in Thailand so, I can not say this is better than any other around Thailand. Of cause, visiting the most famous island like Phuket, seeing the sea creature should be a must. Not so big but it is good to come. Too many thing to see and learn. But only 1 time should be enough.

  4. It’s the leisure places I often visit with family & friends. My close friend, Anne usually needs me & son to go to the aquarium on her day off. Anne is happy with everything here. My son likes Nemo and I like seahorses & the biggest fishes at tunnel. Ticket is quite cheap. We (Anne, Fasil & me) will come here again very soon.

  5. Not as grand as the one on Sentosa in Singapore but still worth a visit. The tunnel view was nice and we spotted a couple of sharks, sea turtles and big groupers. Great for the children. They loved it.

  6. There is something relaxing about walking around viewing fish colourful fish in an Aquarium. Although not that big in size, there is an area with various small fish tanks and a underwater tunnel to walk through. Afterwards we walked up to the small Live India Restaurant and had a good butter chicken curry and nan.

  7. It’s worth visit for family especially for kids. There are great variety of fishes and some exotic ones. Also a nice place to see the marine life. The entry fee is quite cheap, just 100 baht. The aquarium is pretty small set in Cape Panwa. It’s good location with a nice sunset view.

  8. Quite a long way driving from Patong, at the end of Panwa Cape road. My niece and nephew enjoyed the glass tunnel where they could see fishes, sharks, rays and others swimming like flying above their heads. The only complaint was the tunnel is too short! Yes I totally agree.

  9. I never been to Panwa area for long time! This weekend, I went to see MV Logos Hope, carrying the world’s largest floating library, moored at the Deep Sea Port in Ao Makham where it is not far from the Phuket Aquarium. So, I dropped here and surprised! there are many people more than I expect. I think because the ticket price is very cheap. There are a great display of marine life such as giant fish, starfish, jellyfish….etc. Recommend for family with children!

  10. Great half day out and a great time. Wonderful display of fish, would recommend and educational for the children.

  11. On this weekend, my family went to Phuket Aquarium again after had not gone there for a long time. The ticket price does not changed although it has been renovated already. There are more new fish tanks and many new member such as Sea Horse, Cartoon Shrimp and many more. My daughter enjoy watching the Giant Fish and Electric Eel. We had a good time together and we will be back sure.

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