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Bangla Boxing Stadium Patong
3.9 out of 5 based on 14 reviews.
Patong, West Phuket

Bangla Boxing Stadium is centrally situated side by side with Tiger Hotel on Patong 3rd Road or Phang Mueang Road and just a few blocks from Jungceylon Shopping Complex. Right opposite this stadium is large Banzaan Fresh Market.

Visitors can conveniently reach this stadium via rear exit of the shopping mall or via Bangla Road through Sansabai Alley.

In a week, the fights are held 3 nights on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and there are 3 types types of ticket with different rates for guests to choose from (VIP, Ringside and Stadium seats).

The fighters are from various countries easpecially Thailand and Europe.


Boxing Stadium

Bangla BoxingStadium Patong off Soi Bangla in Patong Beach is probably the most famous of all the boxing stadiums in Phuket. The stadium attracts fighters from all over the world to compete in this ancient Thai martial art. This fast paced fighting can be an exhilarating experience for the first time viewer.


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  1. If you are a fan of Muay Thai, Thailand's world famous ancient martial art, or are looking for a great evening's entertainment, a night at the Bangla Boxing Stadium won't disappoint. The stadium hosts genuine competitive fights with both local boxers and fighters from all over the world. Fights are normally held on a Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night from 9pm onwards. The stadium recently moved from Bangla Road to a brand new location next to the rear entrance of Jungceylon Shopping Mall in Patong. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket counter at the entrance to the stadium.

  2. Adults fights were ok, exciting and interesting actually but kids ones both boys and girls were not what we expected. And unfortunately the kids fights program was at the beginning of of show. We therefore had to stay and watch… It was around an hour from 9pm, the we could enjoy adults ones. Overall a good boxing stadium in Patong.

  3. Great experience and so exciting fight. Some people said it wasn’t real but I think it is. I enjoyed adult fighters but not kid fighters. They are too small to fight in my opinion but it is probably good for them to learn martial art. I really recommend this as another entertainment option while in Patong.

  4. Bought 2000 baht of each seat ticket, not cheap but the seats were with good view of the fighting ring. We enjoyed our 2 hours there, got a very good experience and fun.

  5. Great location, easy walking from Jungcylon mall. This was a good night out I guess but was a little too expensive. There were a good few fights on but we were a little shocked at the children fighting but overall is great fun for sports fans.

  6. thought this may be some sort of tourist show, not the real thing, but i was wrong. The fighters went at hammer and thongs at each other. We splashed out on ringside seats so we were close to action. An entertaining, great night if not sometimes scary and mean. Not all were Thai fighters there were European fighters too.

  7. Not hesitate to visit here because it close to my hotel (Stayed at Tiger Hotel Patong) Before I went there, not sure that Thai boxing was a show or real fighting. Finally I got my answer, so different what I thought. OMG!!! saw splattered blood from my ringside seat. Good experience.

  8. I really enjoyed it was different to what I thought and can say it is very good experience a Thai culture for myself it was quite reasonable price and the located was very close to my hotel.

  9. Some tips from our visit. You can bargain down the price of the tickets from vendors outside the stadium. All the seats have a decent view of ring – some tickets, I think the ringside were going for 2500 baht a piece. The bar drinks are expensive – with that said – it was very entertaining and goes on for hours. We left after 3 matches.

  10. Wild and crazy fun here. Never seen thai boxing live and it was well worth it. Don’t know how these guys put up with the pain. Check it out for sure.

  11. Actually I don’t like boxing but my friend who comes from France are really want to see. So, we choose Bangla Boxing Stadium in Patong. Hmm… we had a great time, I can say that it quite fun and very exciting..different from TV! Well, I change my mind now and it becomes my favorite place to go with my farang friend :-)

  12. Gave them FIVE! my first time beside a boxing stage, so excited! Good to watch but never ever try it myself….scary or what? Recommended, I repeat “Recommended” if you like fighting art.

  13. We weren’t sure before we went whether the Thai boxing was just-for-show or if the fights were “real”… it didn’t take long for us to find-out as we got splattered with blood from our ringside seats. Very exciting evening and certainly a memory from Thailand that will stick with us.

  14. Easy to find near to Jungceylon Mall, and Bangla Road. Had a fun, noisy night, as they had Thai and European nationality fighters, we had ringside seats, cost 2,000 baht, seem a lot but the matches started at 9pm until nearly midnight, so had 3 hours of exciting entertainment

  15. Very exciting fight and really worth what we paid!
    This is something different in Patong apart from just beach and bars. I personally enjoy Thai martial arts and this stadium could offer what I expected. Really recommended. 😉 Enjoy….

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