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Crocodive Diving Center
Patong, West Phuket

Who has not been yet to Thailand, cannot even imagine the feeling when someone steps out the stress of everyday life, to experience the infinity of sunshine and sea, and the calmness and serenity that dominates everything. Yet who has already been there, will long for it forever. And for all that place represents. All those incredible flavors! Endless types of fruits for breakfasts bought for a song, thousands of kinds of healthy fish, crabs, shellfish, and snails. Fancy rows of bazaars overrun by tourists, blinding lights and wild bachelor life at night, or the solitude of quiet, abandoned small islands waiting for discovery, where only the most determined travelers dare to go.

This base was created in 2006 by young people who wished to get far of their homes for a period of time in order to discover another life that is hidden at the depth of the sea and shows its dizzy colors, miracles and mysteries only to very few. The diving center is situated in the popular and famous Phuket island, pearl of Andaman Sea, from where all unknown places of the neighborhood are easy to approach.

Besides lots of other opportunities, Crocodive offers help in organizing this, so that our guests can profit of their free time most effectively, and of course with an English-speaking staff, which can be useful when someone arrives for the first time and feels lost in the chaos. However, even those can feel content who are already confident travelers, because they can return to the base every time as good old friends.

Not only our prices mirror the friendly atmosphere but the club feeling of the whole place as well, where a professional, helpful and funny staff welcomes you. We also provide rooms in our small, familiar and freshly renovated hotel placed in the center of Patong Beach, near the beach. But if you prefer a luxurious holiday, our colleagues are ready to organize it for you. We have the opportunity to fulfill all kinds of demands.

According to the international market maker PADI diving system we offer training for divers, daily dives and diving safaris of more days, complete equipment, as our major activity is diving. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, at our diving center everybody can find exciting challenges, unforgettable adventures and services of high standard.

Your comfort and safety is guaranteed by our own boat, new equipment, experienced, young and cooperative team of instructors. We can as well fulfill individual and group demands, and if you would like to go out with the speedboat only you and your love, there is no problem, or if you are alone you can take part in a guided tour by boat with friendly people. Anything else can come up: a wedding ring hidden at the seabed, renting a boat or organizing a tour by boat, we are here to help, including any kind of counseling so that your holiday in Thailand would be smooth. Feel free to contact us and make your travel the adventure of your life!

Phuket is the island of peace, which takes you away from every kind of difficulty, therefore it is not rare at all that couples find each other here for good. As such thing has already happened in the history of our diving center, in its memory we offer 10% discount for each couple in love. And how can you prove us that the fire is burning? A smile is enough….


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