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Phuket Wake Park
3.8 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
Kathu, Phuket Town & Central

Phuket Wake Park Overview One of Phuket’s most interesting attractions, Phuket Wake Park offers a water skiing and wakeboarding activity that is challenging and offers competition between the skier and boarder and him/herself. An exciting ride for the beginner, jumping ramps offer the more professional wakeboarder to test and display skills back flipping and flying through the air. The freshwater lake is 410 metres long, 110 metres wide and 2 metres deep.

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  1. Really fun place to take older kids for an afternoon. My kids have been wakeboarding behind a boat before so it didn’t take long to get used to the cable. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. There were a couple of coaches who looked after the beginners. The free boards are probably okay if you are a beginner but they had nicer boards with proper bindings for rent as well. Definitely plan to go back next trip.

  2. This waterpark is one of the best in Thailand. The prices were cheap for a place like this but they didn’t skip out on quality. They also teach beginners on how to use equipment so you’ll have a great experience. If you’re going to visit with children, there’s also a game area that they can play in. There’s also a cafe that you can visit if you get hungry.

  3. Staff were not very engaging with me, not a major issue for me as I have some boarding experience, not busy which surprised me as i went on a saturday. Can hire basic equipment on site, cost 850 baht for a few hours. Could have been more friendly and helpful.

  4. Rebecca was fun and gave me encouragement, spoke good English i thing was a Singaporean. As a near beginner I rented equipment from them and paid for 2 hours waking boarding. it was a good crack.

  5. Come here since its known “Phuket Cable Ski”, but now called “Phuket Wake Park”
    Everything is new and up-to-date, there are outdoor cafe, indoor restaurant, hotel and wakeboard shop. Not recommend, if its your first time or you are beginners. I saw unhelpful staff yelling out what to do. However if you are advanced riders this wake park is good. Only 600 baht per 2 hours and 1,000 baht for all day.

  6. Whether you’ve tried it before or not, this is great fun. The friendly locals are on-hand to give advice and there’s always some incredibly skilled rider’s around to help inspire you. A couple of hours is more than enough if you haven’t tried it before and there’s a good daily rate for those who can endure it.

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