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Phuket Zoo
2.8 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
Chalong, South Phuket

Phuket Zoo is not that large, being around 12 acres in size. It has a small aquarium, bird park and an orchid garden. Vistiors can wander around the zoo via foot paths that are shaded by large trees. Enclosures are in general small and lacking in character. They have daily animal performing shows, which are included in the entrance fee, which young childern may enjoy :

Monkey Show Times 09.00, 12.00, 14.30 and 16.45 hours
Elephant Show Times 10.30, 13.30 and 16.00 hours
Crocodile Show Times 9.45, 12.45, 15.15 and 17.30 hours
***Note show times are subject to short notice change or cancellation.

Phuket Zoo is located about 15 minutes drive form Phuket Town. Take Chao Fa (East) Road highway 4021 if driving towards Chalong at the Pa Lai traffic light junction you will see a left had directrion sign for Phuket Zoo. Turn left at the junction in to Soi Pa Lai and follow the road for about 5 minutes and yu will see Phuket Zoo on your right hand side

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  1. Horrible place no one should visit!! Filthy place where animals (tiger,birds..) are tight down!! worst of the shows we watched was the crocodile show! Two men of the zoo were hitting the animals with some bamboo sticks to make them move to the centre of the pool. When they didn’t want to they would drag them from their tales and then started hitting them again!!

  2. Everything is in one place which is not very large. Nothing special but our kids enjoyed elephant and crocodile shows. Comparing to what we got, we think the price here was a bit high. Would we go back? Not sure, unless they have something new.

  3. Entertaining place to visit. We enjoyed the croc show, elephant and monkey shows. The aquarium could use a remodel. Otherwise nice place.

  4. Overpriced for the variety of animals. I guess the only highlight we enjoyed was the crocodile show – would be outlawed in the US for sure. Guy sticks his head inside the animals mouth! For real.

  5. I lived in Phuket for long time but I have just been there last year. My family liked elephants show, they asked foreigners to join. very funny!!!! My son were very happy when they were drawing pictures. No orchid blossoms at the garden, it seems no one taking care them much. Less marine animals at Aquarium & almost of the area are unlikely clean. 0:(

  6. The only zoo in Phuket I think. My daughter enjoyed their elephant show and crocodile show. Nothing wow for adults but ok for kids.

  7. Last weekend my kids had a great time at Phuket Zoo. They really like monkey and elephant shows. But in my opinion the ticket quite expensive especially for us “farangs” (500 Thai Baht for an adult). I think the zoo is small, and not many animals. Anyway good for children and families to spend time together.

  8. More of an animal show place than a zoo, ok for families. I had mixed feelings about the place

  9. Our young kids enjoyed the croc, monkey and elephant shows. Zoo is not very big and some of the animal enclosures small, there was some redevelopment work taking place, hopefully on improving the enclosures.

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