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Mai Khao, North Phuket

AirAsia office at Phuket International Airport.

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  1. I travel often and Airasia became my favourite airline now. Airbus looks new, clean and in good condition. Their promotions help me save a lot of money I have to pay for my travel. Not easy to book the cheapest ticket but worth keeping trying.

  2. I used this airline on my holiday from BKK to PHK. I really like their fare; very cheap and their service is good, if compare to the other low cost airlines. I enjoyed flying with them. But one thing I do not like is when I tried to use their airline app on mobile, it does not work!

  3. I often book return air ticket through their website especially when they offer promotion price 0 Baht plus plus some later. But we have to book it in advance at least 6 months or a year, which is ok. Their ground crew staffs are friendly and helpful. I think AirAsia has the cheapest rate when compare to other airlines, I meant not all of their rates but most of them.

  4. AirAsia often offers 0 Baht promotion that internet traffic will be very busy throughout the period. Website is quite good which customers can find all useful information on it. Very friendly & helpful flight attendants & cabin crews. Just a little negative for me is it has no customer service & call center after 9pm.

  5. Always use AirAsia service when I have to fly from Phuket to Bangkok as they have special price.if book air ticket in advance. Their plane are in good condition and staffs are friendly. So, AirAsia is the 1st choice for travelling in Thailand.

  6. Hey Grouch, the reason the pick the farthest gate is because its cheaper to rent. You get what you pay for. :-)

  7. Can someone explain to me why Air Asia always parks at the farthest gate and its a 2 km trek to get onboard?

  8. I like their new Airbus…new and comfortable. But the only downside for domestic flight to Bangkok lands in Don Muang. There was no rail link from there but taxi only. I have recently waited for over 20 minutes to have a taxi. I therefore sometimes have to book the TG or Bangkok Air in order to have faster access to the city.

  9. The “ALL-IN” fare ended up costing almost 2,000 Baht more. Not cool

  10. Much better pricing than Thai or Bangkok Air but be careful when booking online. You have to unclick so many times or your airfare goes way way up.

  11. Two more days left on there huge sale. Phuket – Chiang Mai r/t 1440 baht with all fees. Normally about 8,000 baht. But tickets are for travel only Jan-Aug of next year.

  12. Since Air Asia launched, I always use them, especially when they have a 0 bath promotion! I spent just around 1000 – 1500 Baht for return ticket to Bangkok :-) The ground crew is friendly and helpful. Their online system is quite good, very easy to book. I love their slogan “Everyone can fly” I think it is true.

  13. We flew from Bkk to Phuket with Airasia and were plesently suprised by the efficiency and professionalism of the ground crew and air staff. I would use them again.

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