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Xtrem Adventure Phuket

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Xtrem Adventure Phuket

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Stanley H

Review of Xtrem Adventure Phuket

I had expected it to be tough but even so was not prepared for the level of difficulty on the course. Even though my partner and I are reasonably fit and swim and cycle regulary, we were both covered in sweat after about 10 minutes into the course. But we both enjoyed getting through it and can recommend it for anyone looking for a physical challenge. Unfortunately I think they should improve the maintenance on some parts which looked in need of repair. Safety may be an issue if they do not keep on top of it.


Review of Xtrem Adventure Phuket

Very cool, exciting and fun place! Our 2 kids joined a kid’s group for their activities in the kid zone which was supervised by experienced staff. Our kids were so enjoyable and we were there for nearly 3 hours. For us in adults area, many zones are quite thrilling and so scary although we knew it was safe. However we did it and found it great. This is a really good place for the whole family.


Review of Xtrem Adventure Phuket

A fun, yet challenging for us and our 2 children. Our youngest found the going too tough so went and enjoyed herself at the supervised kids zone. The course is divided into 3 colour zones with balck being the last and more difficult. Spent nearly 3 hours here, Equipment was good and staff were safety conscious. Our oldest child loved the zip-lining as did we.


Review of Xtrem Adventure Phuket

My kids bored for beaches and pool, so they asked for something different and fun. So, I took them here and they love it. I could not remember the price, but it was not crazy, just around 600-700 bath for kids zone. There is a huge safety net make it safe to play. I think I and my wife should try together with our kids next time.

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