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Karon Nightlife

Karon Beach Nightlife

Most of the night life in Karon revolves around the numerous restaurants that can be found in the main centre near to the circle along with a number of small bars many of which have live music playing most nights.

There is a walking street just up from the circle and here you can get a drink, food, live music or a massage making it a perfect place for the family earlier in the evening.

There are a handful of beer bars to be found in the main part of Karon but on the whole this is not the place to go if this is what you are looking for – head south to Luang Pho Chuan Road located 2/3 of the way down the beach road towards Kata where you will find a number of bars down the side streets.

For more information on Karon Beach, see our Karon guide and Karon map.


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