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Phuket Nightclubs & Discos

Phuket Nightclubs

There are a number of nightclubs around Phuket that cater for different markets and are of different standards. The largest and most professional are located in Patong. Some have live music, others DJs with a handful having a mixture of both Be prepared to pay a higher price for your drinks in these locations although you can often party for most of the night depending on their location and the current Government ruling regarding closing time.



The longest opening night club in Phuket Taipan caters for the holiday and local crowd with live music in the early evening and then a DJ through to the early hours of the morning. TaiPan are renowned for their T Shirts which you will see all around Phuket as they give these away free of charge several times during the night. Located at the top end of Bangla Road and where many of the girls go to when the beer bars they work in close.


Styled on nightclubs that the owner had previously had back in Sweden Seduction is thought by many to be the best of the nightclubs in Patong and often has guest DJs from around the world playing especially during the high season. Situated near the top end of Bangla Road.


Formerly the island’s largest GoGo bar Hollywood is now one of the largest discos on the island and is a popular place for Thai girls to hang out with their friends, especially at the weekends. There are 2 distinct areas to the disco so if you do not like the music being played when you get it make your way through to the 2nd area where the style will be completely different Hollywood can get very busy at times.


Located on the top floor of Jungceylon Famous Night Club and pool offers something completely different to other nightclubs on the island as it opens both during the daytime and night and offers spectacular views down on Patong There are private Cabanas around the pool making it perfect location for a party or private night with a loved one but still with the vibrancy provided by visiting DJs from around the world.

Banana Disco

Patong’s oldest disco is located on the Beach Road just south of Soi Bangla and has recently re-opened. Generally closes a bit earlier than the other discos in Patong.


Go just about as far south as you can in Phuket to Rawai and you will find not one but 2 nightclubs. Not noted in the past for its nightlife an explosion in the number of bars in the area make it an ideal place to party until the small hours of the morning.

Laguna Night Club

A recent renovation has changed this nightclub from what was no more than a bar with thick walls and air-conditioning to a night club that would not look out of place in London or New York.

The club does not open its doors until late at night but often parties until the early hours of the morning. The 30 bars outside offer a great feeder in to the night club and it is very easy to spend the whole night in the bars and then move on in to the nightclub where you are joined by the girls from the bars outside and surrounding area, many of whom are looking for company.

Phuket Town

There are nearly as many nightclubs and discos in Phuket Town as there are in Patong but they tend to cater for a very different crowd. Here you will find hard working locals taking time out to enjoy themselves and the atmosphere is very different to that of Patong. If you have the opportunity go with a Thai friend or acquaintance and sample the atmosphere Timber Hut.

Timber Hut

The oldest of Phuket Town’s night clubs, Timber Hut is where you will find a mix of locals and expats with a smattering of holiday makers. The night starts off with a selection of live bands who mix in with local DJs proving an wide range of music styles. This is an excellent location for a night out and perfectly safe if you go alone or with a friend.


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