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Street Food in Phuket

Street Food in Phuket Wherever you go in Phuket you will see small stalls or motorbikes that have been adapted all serving a variety of dishes including may types of noodles, barbequed meat on skewers or even full-blown rice and curry dishes with all the trimmings. Some guide books recommend against eating from such locations but these are the originators of the term fast food” and unlike western establishments you can actually see the food being cooked before your eyes. Do not be shy to ask for something to be cooked a little longer if you are not absolutely sure if it is done to your preference. Whilst in Phuket you should try one of the corn on the cob that have either been boiled until cooked and then kept warm by steam or barbequed over hot coals. Likewise the skewers of chicken and seafood are delightful. You will also see trays of bugs available for sale and these are considered a great delicacy for many Asian countries. Although rich in nutrients and on the whole very safe to eat these are very much a personal choice.

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