Chanthaburi province is located on Thailand’s eastern seaboard on the Cambodian border. The area is steeped in history dating back to the Neolithic Age with a number of archaeological sites producing stone tools and other artifacts. More recently, Chanthaburi was occupied by the French between 1893 and 1905. The colonists left a number of buildings in Chanthaburi Town including the largest Catholic cathedral in Thailand, and a few old French buildings can be found in town along the Chanthaburi River. Apart from architecture, the French also left behind an influence on the local cuisine and you can still find the occasional bakery selling croissants. There are also a large number of ethnic Vietnamese who have settled in the province which has added to its unique flavour. If you like durian, famed for its pungent odour and ice cream-like texture, Chanthaburi is one of the best places for durian in Thailand and a large proportion of the country’s durian is grown here. Although not well-known, this seaside province does have some lovely beaches which include Khung Wiman, Laem Sadet and Chao Lao beaches.