Ao Thalane

Located about 35 km west of Krabi town, Ao Thalane is the small fishing village, which is world renowned for the base of kayaking. Blessed with one of the most beautiful mangrove forests in Thailand, this bay has the narrow channels that run through the limestone canyon formation that the visitors can paddle to explore the dense foliage of this unique ecosystem. The surrounding lush flora that covers the caves, cliffs and Karst formations, is the habitation of monkeys, gibbons and rare birds. Near to the waterways to the hidden lagoon are the small sandy beach and the caves that you can climb up to see the panoramic view of the nearby islands. The best time for kayaking is during high tide that the travelers should check with their tour guide. There is a number of eco-friendly, rustic style, bamboo bungalows for people who wish to touch the real Krabi nature.