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Studying in Phuket For a small island province there is a remarkable array of schools and learning establishments on Phuket from nurseries all the way up to higher education.

Employment in Phuket Many people come to Phuket on holiday and want to stay for longer. Unless you have independent means this means that you will need to find a job, which is often not as easy as you might think but can... read more

Phuket fitness Staying healthy and keeping fit on Phuket is easy as there are plenty of gyms and other places where you can work up a sweat. If you should fall ill the medical care and facilities on the island are international... read more

Thailand visa If you are entering Thailand for a purpose other than tourism you need to have a Non-Immigrant Visa stamped in your passport before you arrive. There are two main types of visa that concern the... read more

Living in Phuket Phuket is a wonderful place to live but its not always easy to find the information you need on the mundane everyday things. This section is contains resources for expats living already living here... read more