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Taxes in Thailand

Thailand taxes

All individuals, whether foreign or Thai, who work in Thailand or have taxable income must apply for a taxpayer’s identification number which is issued by the Revenue Department on presentation of a Thai identification card or foreign passport and evidence of the need for the number.

  • Sole proprietors and ordinary partnerships pay taxes at rates of 10 to 37 percent on their net profits
  • Limited partnerships, registered ordinary partnerships and limited companies pay corporate income tax at the general rate of 30 percent of their net profits

The main tax office is in Bangkok, but there are Revenue Department office branches throughout Thailand. The Main Office also has English-speaking personnel who can help with filing taxes, general information or to locate a branch.

Revenue Department, Main Office
At: Phaya Thai Road, Military Bank Building, Bangkok 100400
Tel: 02 247 2748

Note: living in Thailand does not necessarily exempt a person from filing tax returns and paying taxes in their home country. Although a person may be exempt from paying taxes if they earn less than their government’s tax thresholds, filing a return helps to avoid any problems in the future. The relevant Embassy will have the appropriate forms and regulations for its country’s taxes.


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