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Keeping Pets in Phuket

There are several pet shops in Phuket which supply pet food, kennels and accessories. A few also provide baths, grooming, spa and salon services for your pets. There are a few dog kennels breeding quality dogs and puppies for sale and also an international dog school with multilingual training.

Smaller pets such as hamsters, rabbits and reptiles are also available. As well as the pet shops, these can be found at various flea markets.

Dog & Cat Care

If you have long-haired dogs or cats you need to keep them in air-conditioning a lot of the time. They can become unhealthy and lethargic if kept in the heat. They will also most likely develop heat rashes. Ticks and fleas can also be a problem in Thailand so you should visit a vet to get your pets treated.

Maids can be a great help in taking care of your pets. However, when hiring you should make sure that the maid likes animals and is comfortable taking care of them.

Bringing Pets to Thailand

Before considering bringing pets to Thailand be aware that rabies is prevalent in Thailand. If you intend to bring a pet, you must have it vaccinated against rabies prior to departure. Contact the Royal Thai Embassy or consulate in your country for up-to-date information on quarantine regulations.

An entry permit for animals arriving in Thailand by air can be obtained at the airport on arrival. Bring your pets as excess baggage on the same flight as yourself. Thai authorities may quarantine the animal for a period of time, which will be at your expense. Please note that if you wish to take a pet home again many countries will require a lengthy period of quarantine, or may not allow the pet to enter directly from Thailand.

For more information on importing pets into Thailand take a look at the Department of Livestock’s website.


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