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AP Property Awards 2014

Phuket.Net Real Estate is pleased to announce that we were awarded the regional prize for Best Real Estate Agency Website at the 2014 Asia Pacific Property Awards held on 8th May in Kuala Lumpur … read more

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    The Services We Offer

    Comprehensive service with integrity:

    • Extensive selection of Phuket properties for sale and rent.
    • Research and suggest properties that meet our clients’ requirements.
    • Arrange property sales and rentals viewings.
    • Chauffer and escort clients throughout their property viewings.
    • Provide independent advice regarding buying and renting property in Phuket.
    • Offer unbiased legal information and can assist in appointing independent lawyers.
    • Provide the best possible deal for our clients by negotiating with sellers and developers.
    • Provide a comprehensive after-sales service by liaising with all parties involved.
    • Provide regular updates to clients on their property purchase.
    • Provide advice and support on all aspects of living in Phuket and Thailand.

    Why Use Phuket.Net Real Estate?


    • Phuket.Net Real Estate is one of the most experienced independent Real Estate agents focusing completely on Phuket.
    • Our team has lived on Phuket for a total of over 90 years and our experience with Real Estate exceeds 30 years, so we feel we are very well qualified to provide high quality services to our clients. About us
    • Proven track record with many satisfied clients.


    • We have a wide selection of properties for sale and rent, including new developments, private homes, exclusive luxury homes and budget properties.
    • We actively liaise with developers and sellers to ensure that our clients get the best deals and latest information.
    • Search our properties for sale

    Independent and unbiased:

    • As independent real estate agents we are able to offer entirely unbiased advice. We are not tied to specific developers or sellers so you will find us impartial in our advice and opinions.
    • Our Services are free for property buyers and renters. We earn our income only from commission fees paid by the property sellers.

    Recently viewed properties