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Prime Villa Resort Investment Project

THB 440.0M

A prime villa resort investment project for sale in Phuket, Thailand. 25,600 Sqm in Total land area.

This completed villa development is a 22 unit private pool villa resort which is newly completed, fully fitted-out and fully operational.

Common facilities include:

• Gated community
• Entrance guard house & CCTV camera system
• Gymnasium (separate building – 81 Sqm)
• Fully equipped office & storage (189 Sqm with 2nd storey provision to double the area)
• Tennis court (465 Sqm)
• Complete commercial kitchen for room service
• Laundry facilities
• Site infrastructure includes all underground wiring & sewers, separate metering per villa, and on-site transformer
• Golf cart

Furthermore, there is full planning permission for an additional 14 units on an adjoining land parcel which has attached infrastructure complete.This is all inclusive in the total land area of 26,600Sqm. The development is perfect as a purpose built, operated retirement home or private health care facility (Cosmetic Surgery), or as now a private pool villa rental resort in the southern part of the island.Close to beaches, golf, shopping, restaurants and two international hospitals.

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Property Details

  • TypeCommercial
  • ParkingPrivate
  • Swimming PoolPrivate
  • Land Area25,600 sqm
  • FeaturesFully-furnished

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