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Magnificent Beachfront Villa

THB 8.5M

This magnificent beachfront villa on the east coast of Phuket is beautifully set on an expansive 4,315 sqm oceanfront plot and boasts extravagantly spacious living areas that total 2,100 sqm with spectacular panoramic views over Phang Nga bay.

The villa features a beautiful master bedroom with stunning en suite and four spacious guest bedrooms with beautiful en suite bathrooms, a cinema room, gym/games room, private lap pool, dining Sala, wonderful Western kitchen on the second floor, pantry, 3 storage rooms, laundry room, 2 maid rooms, play area, garage and elegant landscaped gardens.

Ensuring function and luxury with a unique identity, the interior is designed for anyone who values sophistication, elegance and exceptional privacy. This villa is located in a very up and coming “High End” area of Phuket. A fantastic investment property.

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  • Janey

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