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Whether you are searching for a beachfront villa, sea view apartment or an exciting investment opportunity we can help you find your ideal Phuket property. We have selected the finest properties that Phuket has to offer. Our highly experienced sales team is available to provide further details on any Phuket property for sale and we would be delighted to arrange viewings. Please contact us with your Phuket real estate requirements.

  • Why Buy Property in Phuket?

  • There is an excellent choice of properties on the island to suit every budget with excellent capital appreciation and strong rental returns…

  • more…

  • Land Titles

  • When buying Phuket real estate it is imperative to be aware of the type of title deed of the land plot…

  • more…

  • Foreign Ownership

  • Foreign nationals and juristic entities are prohibited from owning land under Thai law. However, there are a number of options available…

  • more…

  • Land Units

  • Thailand has its very own units of measurements when dealing with land, which can be a little confusing at first. The units you will come across most often are talang wah and rai…

  • more…

  • Property Taxes & Fees

  • When a property in Thailand is purchased or sold there are four potential taxes/fees to be paid. Which of these taxes/fees will be applicable depends on the details of the transaction…

  • more…

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