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Selling Your Property

Selling your home has never been an easy task but here are some of our tips for getting the most out of selling your property.

Getting the Price Right

Every property will sell if the price is right but even in the best of markets, the best property will take longer to sell if it is overpriced. By clinging to an unrealistic asking price, even if you are not in a hurry to sell, it could be costing you more than you stand to gain. A property that has been on the market for too long will have buyers wondering if there is something wrong with it.

Factors to take into consideration when setting your asking price include: location, aspect/view, size, build quality and materials, what you paid, how long you have owned it, prices of similar properties in the same area, improvements and modifications, the current condition of the property, ownership structure, and the current market climate.

Phuket.Net Real Estate can provide a realistic property valuation on listing your property with us.

Preparing Your Home for Viewings

Neglecting to present your home in its best light could decrease the price buyers are willing to pay for your property or even lose you a potential sale.

  • If at all possible, your home should always be available for viewings at short notice. Most of our clients are often only here for a few days and have many properties to view.
  • First impressions count. Make sure the exterior looks up to scratch. Clean the garden, trim lawn and clean pool
  • De-clutter every room in the house. Put away shoes, toys, magazines etc.
  • Make minor repairs to paint, floors, fixtures and fittings
  • Spring clean, remove any dust and stains
  • Lock away your pets or leave them with friends as they are a distraction and not everyone is a pet lover. Make sure your home is free from any animal smells
  • Put the best linen on the beds and best towels in the bathroom
  • Make yourself scarce. Buyers may feel they are intruding and become uncomfortable when looking around.

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