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Holiday Rentals

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Find your ideal holiday villa or luxury apartment from our large selection of holiday rentals, or contact us with your requirements and let us do the searching for you.

Holiday and vacation rentals fill-up quickly during peak holiday periods such as Christmas and New Year, Chinese New Year and Easter, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Holiday Villa Rental vs. Hotel

Why would anyone choose a holiday villa rental over a hotel room? Generally, a holiday rental affords more privacy, more room and more freedom to enjoy yourselves. One of the biggest selling points of a holiday rental is the size of the room compared to that of a hotel room. When you are on holiday, don’t you like to spread out just a little? The average size of a hotel room is about 30 sqm. With holiday villas in Phuket you can rent a whole house with sizes ranging from 100 – 800 sqm.

Holiday rentals range from single studio apartments to six bedroom villas. These can come with a variety of amenities like private swimming pools, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis. As in a hotel, service staff such as maids, babysitters, cooks and chauffeurs can also be included.

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