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Sailing Grounds Northwest of Phuket

Sailing Grounds Northwest of Phuket

Similan Island

This archipelago of nine islands is located 55 miles northwest of Phuket. In 1982 the Similan Islands where declared a marine national park and therefore development is restricted. One of these islands has a small community which also runs a small restaurant. Very big boulders make up some mysterious and spectacular formations which characterises much of the topography of these islands. The Similans offer some of Thailand’s best diving and snorkelling sites.

Surin Islands

Located close to Thailand’s border with Myanmar, the Surin Islands offer the most beautiful, peaceful and solitary beaches. Being a national park, the Surins are uninhibited save for a few park rangers. The headquarters of the Surin Islands, Koh Surin Nua offers a few basic bungalows as well as an administration office. On Koh Surin Thai, there is a small Chao Lay (Sea Gypsy) settlement. Since marine life around the Surin Islands is not as spectacular as in the Similans, significantly less commercial diving boats frequent the anchorages here.


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