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Sailing Grounds Southeast of Phuket

Sailing Grounds Southeast of Phuket

Phi Phi Islands

These twin islands of Phi Phi are located 28 miles in the south east of Phuket. They are famous for their beautiful lagoons, sensational cliffs protruding out of the sea and the impressive rock walls surrounding the lagoons and the beautiful beaches. For visiting boat, the islands offer very good anchorage. On the island one will find several bars and beach restaurants as well as a newly build resort and some Hotels. The islands are famous for their excellent diving, snorkelling and kayaking sites.

Bamboo Island Group

The Bamboo island group consists of two small islands north of Phi Phi Don: Koh Mai Phai and Koh Yung. Hin Klang is a large area between Phi Phi Don and the Bamboo islands which is a dangerous and submerged coral reef. Mooring is usually very close to the reef edge therefore it is only appropriate for speedboats or longtails. Anchorage is not recommended for overnight stays. Koh Mai Phai has a small restaurant which serves Thai cuisine during the day.


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