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Phuket Sailing

Thailand’s very long coastline and the large number of islands make the region one of the best oceanic playgrounds in South East Asia. This is especially true on Phuket, with its constantly growing marina industry making it one of the most popular destinations for boat owners and sailing enthusiasts.

Fascinating sights and rock formations turned Phuket province into one of the major sailing grounds in South East Asia offering spectacular sailing and boating all year round. Phang Nga Bay on the east coast is a well sheltered sailing ground, which enables cruising and sailing the whole year, even during the monsoon season when other parts around the island are suffering from too much rain and wind. The sea on the west coast is usually very rough during the rainy season, when the southwest monsoon pours enormous amounts of rain across the region for one or two weeks. These periods alternate with lighter spells where the weather is beautiful and the sea is rather calm and therefore perfect for sailing and boating.

The region offers beautiful islands on which one will find enchanting rivers and waterfalls. Especially on the east coast, where beautiful limestone rock formations protrude out of the water, some of which are as high as 350 metres from the seabed. The very warm temperatures all year around as well as the regular winds make sailing and cruising around Phuket an absolute pleasure.

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