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Phuket Yacht Charters

Phuket Yacht Charters

Phuket, Thailand is ideally located close to the beautiful waters of the Andaman Sea and Phang Nga Bay. This paradise with its stunning scenery and its fabulous inviting turquoise sea with full of tropical live is the perfect destination for those who want to explore the remote island archipelagos of Asia on a sailing boat or on a motor cruiser.

As tourism is a growing global industry, Phuket offers yacht charters for every kind of traveller, from 8 to 80 years old and of either gender. Whether for the experienced traveller or beginner, water lovers will find the right people to do their cruising adventure with and find the right yacht charter company to satisfy their individual requirements and needs.

Trips are for reasonable active, open minded people who seek and enjoy extraordinary cruising adventures to the most secluded beaches and bays in the scenic Phang Nga Bay, the famous Phi Phi Island or Krabi to the east of Phuket or the Similan and Surin islands northwest of Phuket. Either sitting back, relaxing, being pampered and enjoying the luxury of a crewed yacht, or chartering a sailing yacht to actively participate in one of Phuket’s many sailing regattas throughout the year, Phuket provides the right yacht, the right size and the right price for every customer and for every wallet.


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