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Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Fantasea

Phuket FantaSea is a cultural theme-park packed with loads of activities and entertainment. The theme-park is inspired by Thailand’s rich and exotic heritage. However, Phuket FantaSea not only showcases the charm and beauty of Thailand, but also enriches ancient Thai traditions with cutting edge technology and special effects. Not to be missed during your holiday in Phuket, especially if you have kids.

Main Attractions

Palace of the Elephants

Palace of the Elephants

The magnificent Palace of the Elephants is a state-of-the-art theater fronted by a reconstruction of a Sukhothai-era stone palace with intriguing elephant statues.

There are nightly performances of “Fantasy of a Kingdom”, a theatrical extravaganza which combines Thai culture, magical illusions, aerial performances, acrobatics, indoor pyrotechnics, special effects and elephants. There is a very loose story line which is more of a pretext to the impressive stunts and special effects.

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Gate Opens: 20:30
Show Starts: 21:00

Carnival Village

Carnival Village

A stroll through the enchanted Carnival Village is like a journey through Thailand’s architectural history. Each fascinating facade promises a unique shopping experience, where visitors can buy high quality locally made products from 15 different shops offering silk, leather, handicrafts, ceramics, jewelry, souvenirs, unusual items about elephants and Siamese twins, and much more!

Home to the Kamala people, Carnival Village is a wonderful introduction to the theme park, where the accent is on fun and entertainment coupled with Thailand’s legendary hospitality. Marvel at the skills of the villagers demonstrating a range of traditional arts and crafts. Enjoy cultural parades, pageants, street shows and elephant rides.

Park Operating Hours: 17:30 – 23:30

Iyara Spectacular

Iyara Spectacular is an outdoor light, sound and dance spectacle celebrating the return of the Prince of Kamala, featuring laser, giant projection, animatronics, special effects, inflatables and fireworks. (Performed only on special occasions).

Other Attractions

Tiger Jungle Adventure

Tiger Jungle Adventure is a “Theatrical Safari”, an original concept that takes you on a journey through a theatrical environment of 12 exotic and mythical scenes inspired by timeless legends and ancient folklores, starring many local animals and cutting-edge special audio and visual effects!

Similan Entertainment Center

Come join in the fun and games with our friendly sea creatures at Phuket FantaSea’s newest, one-of-a-kind undersea arcade and shopping attraction. Test your skills with exciting new games specifically designed to celebrate the resplendent beauty of marine life in the Similan Islands!

Songbird Luminarie

Take an enchanted stroll through the dazzling luminescence of the Palace Court and be serenaded by magical songbirds of mythical times.

Hanuman’s Lair

Full of games, plays and exciting surprises for the kids. Here the trickster king of the monkeys promises fun and excitement for everyone.

Viva Bangkok Stage Theater

Kamala Pier Restaurant & Beer Garden

Offers a haven of delicious food, good cheer and soothing music.

Magic Mountain

Cultural Parades & Street Shows

Traditional Carnivals & Live Music

Handicraft Demonstrations

Elephant Ride

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    Fantasy of a Kingdom at PhuketFantasea is a must see! We were amazed by the show with some 15 elephants on stage. Great choreography, costumes and fun for the whole family.

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Bashayer August 28, 2013
حدددده عجيب♡♥♡♥♡♥
Done by 1 person December 6, 2011
Dubbed as the "Ultimate Cultural Theme Park," this is where you'll see trapeze artists, performing elephants, lots of different carnival games, and amazing food. Kids will definitely love it here.
Done by 20 people
Olesya June 23, 2013
Обалденное шоу! Масштабно и фейерично! Пиротехника, огненное шоу, 15 слонов на сцене, воздушные гимнасты, чумовые декорации и костюмы! Будете в Тае, обязательно сходите, все на уровне!
Done by 1 person
MaBo July 29, 2011
ภูเก็ตแฟนตาซีอลังการงานสร้างมากๆๆๆ ไปภูเก็ต...ถ้าไม่ดู ถือว่าไปไม่ถึงฮ่ะ!!!
Done by 6 people
Notzila October 25, 2010
Done by 5 people
Ol April 1, 2013
Фуфло, цирковая труппа средней школы. Два ребенка проспали все время. Самое бездарное шоу, которое видел в своей жизни. Три калеки на сцене. После этого начинаешь ценить российский цирк)
Done by 1 person
armagan March 12, 2013
Amazing, huge show with animals careografies about all Thailand history and lifestyle. it's a perfect experience in my life.
Done by 1 person
partyhard July 9, 2013
Полная фигня. Китайская подделка на дю солей. Мастерство танцоров ноль. Единственные кто хорошо отработали - это слоны.
Done by 1 person
Seanaey March 24, 2013
System the snack food stall it suck !!! Stupid system pls replace the good system for faster and do smart thx
Done by 1 person
Pavel July 17, 2012
Сходить стоит. Буфет европ и местная еда, за доп деньги можно взять сеафуд буфет. Есть катание на слонах по парку. Представление понравилось. Золотые места стоят того,но и с других мест все видно.
Done by 1 person
leonid May 18, 2013
Офигенное шоу. Остерегаться долпанутых мамаш со спиногрызами, нежелающих объяснять им, как себя надо вести в общественных местах.
Done by 1 person
Dwight ดนัย September 12, 2012
Don't bother. While there's some fun pyro, animals and other elements the show has no storyline or continuity. No camera policy means a huge after show line to claim stuff and careless crowd control.
Done by 1 person
Jane November 22, 2012
อยากไปดินเนอร์ ถ่ายรูป
Done by 1 person
Dr. StrangeLove November 6, 2012
Done by 1 person
Stephen February 9, 2012
You must check-in cameras before entering cultural show. Long queue when you leave! The "theme park" mostly has shops and arcade dressed up fancily. Interesting if it's your first visit.
Done by 0 people
Kae ® August 14, 2011
Done by 1 person
arien February 12, 2011
Buffet dinner until 21.00 pm
Done by 1 person
Jay Paxton November 16, 2010
ดูครั้งเดียว ก็เบื่อแล้ว ส่วนมาก ต่างชาติชอบอะ แต่คนไทยเฉย ๆ
Done by 2 people
Chris July 19, 2010
Go for the buffet, it's worth the extra.
Done by 3 people
Robert July 5, 2010
great show - a must do thing on phuket
Done by 2 people