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Sirinath Marine National Park

Sirinat marine national park

This relatively new protected area includes the beaches of Nai Thon, Nai Yang and Mai Kao and combines the former Nai Yang National Park with a wildlife reserve at Mai Kao. The beaches within the park are a nesting site for four endangered species of leatherback turtle which come here to lay eggs between November and February each year.

There is a Park Visitors Centre at the northern end of Nai Yang, which has interesting displays of corals and shells, as well as other marine and land fauna. The park boundary extends 5kms out to sea and includes some quite diverse coral reefs which are popular with divers and snorkellers. The reefs are located about 700-1000m from the shore at Nai Yang and are found in water between 4 – 7m deep.

Mangrove Forest:

Located at the northern end of Mai Kao, near a park office, the mangrove forest covers a total area of approximately 1 sq. km. Although it only occupies a small area, this is the most unspoilt mangrove forest on the island.

There are many unusual perennial plants found here: mountain ebony, red cycas, black myrsina, the Lady’s Nails quisqualis, and various creepers and climbers. A nature trail has been cleared with an elevated walkway and signs indicating the various plant species.

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