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Hiring Jet Skis in Phuket

Jet Skis in Phuket

Jet skis can be a fun and exhilarating way to enjoy Phuket’s warm waters and can be rented from the main tourist beaches such as Karon, Patong, Kata, Surin and Bangtao beaches. Prices can vary but you should expect to pay around 1,000 Baht for 15 minutes and 1,500 for 30 minutes.

Safety and Scams

Jet skis can be dangerous and most beaches will have buoys to cordon off swimming areas and it is important to stay out of these. If you are with a group of friends on jet skis do not get too close, jet ski crashes do happen and can be fatal.

Another consideration is that there have been countless complaints regarding unscrupulous jet ski operators who claim false damages in an attempt to extort large amounts of money to repair the jet ski once they are returned. There has been some efforts to regulate the jet ski rental industry and introduce compulsory insurance with mixed success.


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