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Surf Competitions & Events

The growing interest in Phuket as a surfing destination has led to more competitions, wider media coverage and new international sponsors. Big-brand international surfing competitions share the stage with local club competitions throughout Phuket’s surfing season.


Thailand Surf Competition

Date: 28-29 July 2012
Location: Patong Beach

  • Longboard Contest
  • FREE surf lesson by Surfing Thailand
  • Night surf and BBQ party
  • Surf shops on the beach

Quicksilver Thailand Surf Competition

Date: 12-15 September 2012
Location: Patong Beach

The annual event is part of the Asian Surfing Championship and can attract some well known competitors from the region. Promotional Video From 2010:


Kamala Go Surfing Contest

Date: August/September 2012
Location: North Kamala Beach

Running since 2002 and organised by local surfers, Kamala Go Surfing Club, this event has a much less commercial and more local feel.

  • Shortboard Contest
  • Longboard Contest
  • Food & Drink

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