Phuket Travel Guide & Information

Surf Spots

All of the breaks are found on Phuket’s west coast and are mostly beach breaks, with the occasional reef break. From North to South, the main spots are:

Surin Beach

Popular surf spot, which can get quite big at the height of the monsoon, otherwise provides fun, rideable waves. Surin beach info

Kamala Beach

Beautiful beach with a very relaxed atmosphere. The best breaks are at the northern end. Kamala beach info


Just north of Patong, this sheltered rocky bay is one of the best surf spots on the island when the swell is big. Can get a little busy for Phuket standards when the surf is good. Breaks onto a rocky bottom. Kalim beach info


Just about rideable for beginners when there’s a swell but that’s about it. Patong is too sheltered to get any decent waves. Patong beach info


This long beach is a little too exposed to develop any good breaks, though the waves can be quite big for Phuket. Best when the waves are big enough to break but not too big to make it close out. Karon beach info


Ideal for beginners, the southern end of this beach is probably the most popular spot on Phuket. Can be a great spot when the conditions are right, but rides are fairly short. Kata beach info

Nai Harn

The southernmost beach on Phuket’s west coast, Nai Harn is possibly the best spot on Phuket and never gets crowded. Long rides and occasional barrels. Nai Harn beach info

Nai Yang

Quieter and less developed than most Phuket beaches, Nai Yang has arguably the best break on the island, however it does involve half kilometer paddling to get over the shallow, rocky reef. Nai Yang beach info


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