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Massage in Phuket

Phuket massage

There are quite a few spas in Phuket, which offer all manner of massages and treatments to ensure that you will feel pampered and revived. Some are day spas, though quite a few are attached to resorts and hotels. Mid-range spas tend to charge 500 Baht and upwards for a one-hour massage, while pricier establishments can charge in the thousands.

At the lower end of the price range are the massage salons. These can be found in the busy resort areas and usually have glass fronts, offering more basic therapies such as traditional Thai massage and reflexology (foot massage). Prices start at around 200 Baht for a one-hour Thai massage. Go for two hours and you won’t regret it. The great thing about massage salons is that the low prices mean you can afford to have a massage everyday of your holiday and not break the bank.

If you love a relaxing massage, Phuket has plenty of options on offer. The main types of massage you will come across are:

Traditional Thai Massage

Just about every massage establishment in Phuket offers traditional Thai massage. If you are looking for something relaxing then you might want to opt for something else, Thai massage is more of a workout to release tension than a relaxing massage. As anyone who has ever experienced it will tell you, Thai massage can be quite painful but incredibly rejuvenating.

Known in Thai as nuad pan boran, literally “ancient massage method”, Thai massage can trace its history back to India and the time of the Buddha. The core of Thai massage technique is derived from yoga and reflexology, with emphasis on applying pressure to the meridians and the stretching and compressing of the muscles.

Oil Massage

Most oil massages you will come across in Phuket are derived from traditional Thai massage but also incorporates many other techniques, such as aromatherapy and Ayurveda. Oil massages can be incredibly relaxing. Perfect to unwind with at the end of a hard day’s sightseeing or as a jetlag tonic.

Thai reflexology massage

Reflexology (Foot Massage)

Reflexology is a pressure-point massage that targets specific nerve locations, particularly on the feet, but also on hands and ears that correspond to organs and nerves throughout the body. Practitioners claims reflexology can cure many ailments by restoring balanced energy flow throughout the body.

Swedish Massage

One of the more common massage treatments found in Phuket which is not native to Asia is Swedish massage. This is a traditional European massage technique which uses oils and kneading to ease muscle aches and tension. Most spas will offer Swedish massage or massages which include elements of it. The pressure can be quite heavy, perfect to ease those knots of muscular tension you never even knew had accumulated.


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