Restaurant 3

Located all around Phuket and particularly in Phuket Town you will find a series of restaurants that are known locally as Korean Bar B Qs although why this is so no one is really sure as they are all run by Thais and have nothing to do with Korean cooking.

That said they are an extremely popular location for locals and tourists alike as they offer the opportunity to eat as much as you like for as long as you like for a set price.

The set up is really simple – just sit down at your seat and a waitress wil come up and ask how many diners and what you would like to drink. Once she has done this you make your way over to the center of the restaurant and start helping yourself to the wide variety of meats, fishes and vegetable. By the time you return there will be a large brass dome in the middle of your table under which are hot coals and it is on this that you cook your food to your liking. Around the edge of the dome is an area where water is put to cook the vegetables.

These restaurants are not much to look at but are definitely worth the effort providing you can find a table as they are very popular especially early at night. Have no fear about the food running out as the trays are constantly replenished.

Each of the restaurants has its own speciality but if you like your seafood make your way to the restaurant just past Royal Phuket City Hotel and before the shell garage as here you can get unlimited quantities of fresh prawns, something many of the other restaurants do not offer.

author: surrasee kittirantini
date: 9 sep 2011


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