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Chalong Bay

Chalong Bay

Chalong is a large bay with a pier that is the main departure point for diving and fishing trips from Phuket.

The pier is a good place to charter boats for fishing, diving or snorkelling trips to nearby islands.

Chalong Bay does not have a great beach for swimming due to the muddy bottom and large number of boats moored here.

Just inland is Chalong traffic circle. This area is popular among expats living in Phuket and there are some good restaurants and bars nearby.

Friendship Beach

Just south of Chalong, there are several low-key and peaceful bungalows at Friendship beach, also known as Mittrapap beach. The beach is not that nice as it becomes muddy at low tide. However, the view of the bay is delightful and the bar at Friendship Beach Resort is a lovely spot to sip cocktails by the pool at sunset.


See Chalong map.


Chalong has plenty of reasonably priced hotels and guesthouses and is a convenient place to stay for divers who want to be close to the pier.

For more information see Chalong hotels


The Chalong area is home to numerous tour operators, yachting companies, game fishing charters and dive shops so you easily organise any trips or tours. There are also herbal saunas, yoga classes and a Reiki centre in the Chalong Circle area.

Phuket Zoo is located in the Chalong area.


There are some delicious and inexpensive seafood restaurants along the beachfront with views of the charming bay. These can be found either along the road past Phuket Zoo or just to the south at Chalong Pier. For more information see Restaurants in Chalong

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