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Kalim Beach

Kalim Beach

Kalim Beach is located just to the north of Patong. This area is much quieter than Patong although the beach is not as good for swimming as there are quite a few rocks and shallow reefs just off the shore. The reef is exposed at low tide and locals can be seen collecting crabs and shrimp.

There are a few hotels here but overall the area is pretty quiet. Kalim is a good choice if you want to be nearby the bars, shops and restaurants of Patong, but prefer an area with peace and quiet.


During the rainy season, Kalim can be a great surf spot at high tide with some really long rides. However, its not suitable for beginners and you need to watch out for the sharp rocks and reef below.

For more activities see Patong, as its really just the quieter end of the same beach.


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