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Cost of Living in Phuket

Cost of living in Phuket

Gone are the days when Phuket was a hippie hideaway. Phuket is generally more expensive than the rest of Thailand. The island is never short of tourists with foreign currency because of its reputation as Asia’s premier beach resort and the fact that it has its own international airport. For better or worse, the luxury hotels and villas are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Nevertheless, don’t worry if your on a budget. Phuket is still a very affordable place to spend your holiday. There is such a wide range of accommodation, bars and restaurants that there are plenty of options for any budget.

This is a very rough guide to what prices you can expect to pay for food and accommodation which is divided into three budget levels.


  • Low: 40 – 150 baht
  • Mid-range: 150 – 300 baht
  • High: 300+

*These estimates are based on a single course meal with a soft drink.

At the very bottom of the scale, a bowl of noodles and a soft drink at a roadside stall might be around 40 Baht. At the opposite end of the scale, you can have a seafood banquet for a couple of thousand Baht. In between is a myriad of dining options of nearly every cuisine you care to mention.

Finding something to eat will be the least of your worries. Deciding on what to eat could be a different matter altogether!


  • Low: 300 – 1,200 baht
  • Mid-range: 1,200 – 3,000 baht
  • High: 3,000+

Hotel accommodation in Phuket is generally more expensive than other parts of Thailand. There are no beachfront bungalows for a couple of hundred Baht a night. That’s not what Phuket is about. However, there is a good selection of budget hotels and plenty of excellent mid-range hotels. Prices are reasonable, except at the height of the high season around Christmas and New Year, when room rates can double. Unfortunately, that’s supply-and-demand for you.

Where Phuket really excels is in its range of luxury hotels. Some are spectacular in their opulence, while others are excellent value for the outstanding services and facilities they provide.

If you do have your heart set on a bungalow on the beach, Phi Phi island and other nearby islands shouldn’t disappoint.

Other Expenses

Prices will vary depending on the type of establishment and certain things will also vary in price due to time of year, but this should give you a rough idea on what things cost.

  • Locally brewed beer (Singha, Heineken etc.): 40 – 100 baht
  • Limousine from airport to Patong: 800 baht
  • Minibus from airport (per person): 150 baht
  • Motorbike rental (per day): 150 – 250 baht
  • Small Jeep rental (per day): 800 – 900 baht
  • Packet of cigarettes: 80 baht
  • Sun bed for the day: 150 baht
  • One-hour Thai massage: 300 – 600 baht
  • Green fees: 2,500 – 7,500 baht
  • PADI Open Water Certificate course: 15,000 baht

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