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Phuket Car Rentals

Phuket car rental

Avis, Budget and Hertz have counters at Phuket International Airport and at a few hotels around Phuket. You can also hire cars from the many local car hire companies. The local companies are cheaper but you might prefer to go with a name you know. Rental prices at the airport tend to be more expensive than elsewhere on the island. Rates can usually be bargained, but ensure that adequate insurance cover is included in the rental agreement.

The cheapest option for renting a car are the small Suzuki jeeps that are found parked along the side of the road in busy areas such as Patong. Prices for these start at about 800 baht per day, slightly less if its low season. You should also get discounts for longer rental periods. Again make sure insurance is included.

Driving Licence

An international driving licence is required by law and for insurance purposes.


These are required to be worn by law. You may be stopped and fined for failing to do so. The police set up checkpoints on major roads around the island to specifically check for this as well as drink driving. You have been warned. (See our section on road safety).


Should you be involved in an accident, do not take responsibility but refer everything to the insurance company, otherwise you may be personally liable for damages. It is also important not to move your car if you have been in an accident. Contact the insurance company and wait for the insurance agent or police to arrive. As odd as this may seem, and despite the fact that you may be blocking two lanes of traffic, by moving your vehicle after an accident you forfeit your insurance cover. Happily, insurance agents turn up pretty swiftly. And if you are blocking two lanes of traffic, the police should be hurrying to the scene anyway.


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